Neil Snare - owner, viticulturist and winemaker at Winstead vineyards in Bagdad (Southern Midlands) - is an early participant in the Tasmanian wine scene, planting his first vines in 1989.

We produces 2 distinct Single Vineyard Pinot Noirs. The "Lot 7" from our original plantings on the home block is a robust wine, with dark chocolate, plum, tobacco and cinnamon characters. Our "Lot 16" is from a newly planted vineyard a little further up the hill from the latest clones of Pinot to come into the country (114, 115 predominant). This wine is more delicate with forest floor, strawberry and nutmeg characters. The palate is zippy and fresh, with a firm dry finish.

Our whites are made using European influences to enhance the texture and mouthfeel. The ferments are long and slow, with the wines left on lees for several months adding a creaminess to their texture. The Sauvignon is barrel fermented to add to its complexity.

All Winstead wines have a formidable history of ageing well.


The Pinot Shop Newsletter recently said nice things about both Pinots:

2011 Winstead Lot 7 Pinot Noir

Neil Snare's Lot 7 and Lot 16 Pinots are a phenomenon, both could have made this list but the Lot 7 snuck ahead through brave voting. My personal sentiments ran with the taster who quipped 'I'd drink this one in the morning and that one at night'... Winstead Pinots always show superbly at this event. It could be bottle age, we know it's Neil Snare's excellent winemaking aided by a fab strain of wild yeast, and then there's vine age, plus the unique location at Bagdad in the southern Midlands. While the Lot 16 is gloriously perfumed, Lot 7 shows its true grit. Slightly drier and firmer than the sibling but slurpy fruit just the same. Intensity that lingers.

2011 Winstead Lot 16 Pinot Noir

I thought this wine sang. It is always exquisitely perfumed and never more so than in this vintage. A warm room, the press of bodies, and it still looked elegant and pinotesque, but with trademark syrupy lushness. A beauty. Lot 16 is a similar clonal mix to the brother Lot 7 but this block has a more southerly aspect, allowing the late afternoon sea-breezes to cool down the vines. Summer sun and heat can be quite intense in this part of the island.

The annual Pinot Shop's Pinot Showcase is well known nationwide by Pinot lovers as a display of Tassie's best pinots.

2010 Winstead Lot 7 Pinot Noir

"Neil Snare's Lot 7 and Lot 16 Pinots are a phenomenon. Vintage 2006 Lot 7 showed really well at this event a couple of years ago, last year the Lot 16 was one of my big favourites, and this year the new 2010s were simply gorgeous. I couldn't chose between them but for many tasters the darker, more brooding Lot 7 with its focused fruit that opens up in the mouth and the great tannin line to finish, pushed it ahead."

Michele Round, The Pinot Shop

2010 Winstead Lot 16 Pinot Noir

"Explosive perfume and glorious sweet fruit, again one of my favourites"

Michele Round, The Pinot Shop

2010 Winstead Lot 7 Pinot Noir

"This is a cracker, albeit with an edge of woodsy understory Aussie 'sous bois'. Super deep summer pudding fruit and creaminess among the mouth-sucking, fine, tight tannins."

Tim White, Australian Financial Review, 16-18 August 2013.

2004 Winstead Ensnared Sparkling

... has been listed in James Halliday's Wine Companion 2014 Edition's 'Best of the best' sparkling white category.

Winewise Small Vigneron's Show 2013

2010 Winstead Lot 16 Pinot NoirGold
2010 Winstead Lot 7 Pinot NoirSilver
2012 Winstead RieslingBronze

Royal Hobart Wine Show 2012

2011 Winstead Lot 7 Pinot NoirGold
2011 Winstead Lot 16 Pinot NoirBronze
2009 Winstead Lot 7 Pinot NoirBronze

Tasmanian Wine Show 2013

2009 Winstead Lot 16 Pinot NoirSilver
2009 Winstead Lot 7 Pinot NoirBronze
2010 Winstead Lot 16 Pinot NoirBronze
2010 Winstead Lot16 Pinot NoirBronze
2011 Winstead Lot 7 Pinot NoirBronze
2012 Winstead SauvignonBronze